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Understanding Dentistry: Why dental tourism is good for you?

Daniel Coulton Shaw | June 3, 2018

Research now confirms that dental tourism has definitive health benefits. Aside from getting a beautiful new smile and saving lots of money in the process, researchers have now proven that travel provides benefits to longevity and sustained health. Researchers from…..

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Affordable Dental Care Options: Dental School or Dental Tourism

Daniel Coulton Shaw | April 30, 2018

A visit to the local dentist is becoming too expensive for most Americans. While prices for routine check-ups and cleanings are somewhat reasonable, prices for dental implants, crowns and full mouth restorations have reached stratospheric heights. Across the USA, cost…..

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How fast should we reply to patients?

Daniel Coulton Shaw | April 26, 2018

That’s what I’ve heard so far at many medical travel conferences. Replying to a potential patient before any other clinic does increase your chances of winning that patient to your clinic by over 50% as our previous patient surveys have…..

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