About GCR

The GCR (also known as the “Global Clinic Rating”) is the world’s largest medical clinic standards & accreditation body, daily monitoring almost 500,000 medical facilities worldwide across 126 countries, with 2000+ medical clinics now GCR verified or accredited.

Unlike the JCI, ISO, CQC or other accreditation bodies, the GCR accreditation is based on factual data – looking at the level of expertise, facilities, services & patient feedback available in any chosen medical facility. This data is then collected together in an easy to understand 1-5 score – making choosing the right medical facility almost as easy as choosing a good hotel or restaurant.

The GCR.org works in cooperation with international patient-outcome comparing international success metrics, so that it is able to show you which medical facilities offer the highest chances of successful treatments, and minimal risk. For example, the GCR Score can tell you which medical facilities may give you the highest chance of having twins, most experience in hip or knee joint replacements, minimal risk of heart attacks or prolonging your life if you are terminally ill.

All clinics around the world are judged on exactly the same criteria, from the general practitioner, to dentist to heart surgeon, therefore you can be sure that the medical clinic you know locally, can be compared exactly to another clinic in different town or country.

Hospitals are assessed on the expected standards provided for each medical speciality, to ensure that clinics who perform well in some medical areas but are poor in others, are judged as such.

What’s more, GCR accredited clinics are monitored constantly in real-time as they daily use our data to improve the level of quality they provide to patients, and patient feedback scores are constantly updated.

Only clinics that have a GCR Score of 3+ are eligible for accreditation, and with an international average clinic score of 1.9 from 127,000 dental clinics for example – you can be sure that dental clinics with a GCR Score of 3.2 or more can be expected to provide world-class medical treatment and achieve above average results.

More about the GCR and GCR international accreditation and its efforts to improve international medical travel through shared data can be found online at GCR.org