9+1 ways to attract more new patients

Visibility is an important part of every business. Even when you provide great services or sell amazing products, it is not easy to reach bigger groups of people without proper marketing. The field of medical facilities is not an exception, especially in private sector.

In GCR’s research of 1000+ medical clinics, we have observed that some clinics managed to grow in terms of patient leads faster. We would like to share with you the learnings on how they managed to attract more patients than the rest of the clinics did.

#1 Know your patients

First of all, make sure that you understand who your audience is. You can learn most of this information from your current or former patients. It is important to look at their age, gender, geographic information and their job or interests if it is possible. On the other hand, you can take a look at what the most popular treatments in your medical practice are. Thanks to this kind of data, you can better understand your audience and do better strategies at the end of the day.

#2 Are you ready to grow your medical team?

Once you are ready to attract more patients using various strategies, make sure that you have enough team members to deal with new patients. Many times, medical practices focus on the new marketing strategies to attract more potential patients, but they are not really successful with converting them for real appointments.

Make sure that you have someone dedicated to deal with new patients. Doctors or nurses really need to focus on their primary job. Moreover, you should train your employees so they know all the information that is requested by patients and agree on the same approach & style.

#3 Is your clinic easy to be found?

Once patients are searching for your medical practice, is it easy for them to find you? You should actively work with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Firstly, it is important to establish your own Google business page. Furthermore, you should definitely work with suitable keywords, link building or reviews from 3rd parties (GCR.org, Trustpilot, Facebook…). Moreover, it is always good when your practice is listed on different platforms for clinics, such as GCR.org, Healthgrades or WhatClinic.

#4 How do you present your clinic?

Once the patient is considering undergoing the treatment in your clinic, they will certainly search for more information. Nowadays, it is really crucial to have a dedicated website with all the information patients need to know, as for instance – clinic services, team members, facilities, prices, awards, accreditation, location, contact information, reviews, patient case studies, blog, etc.

#5 Do you follow up with your former patients?

Nowadays, the majority of clinics only focus on the strategies of getting more new patients. But this may be sometimes a very difficult task. On the other hand, once you had a patient who was very satisfied with the treatment, there is a huge change that they would go for another treatment to your clinic once needed in the future. You just need to know what kind of offer to send them and to remind them regularly about your clinic and any updates associated with your services provided.

A very useful way to actively work with your former patients can be through newsletters, social media or different loyalty programs (discounts, free services or products, etc.).

#6 Are you available for your patients?

In the age, when we can find the information within few seconds, patients still have many questions to ask. Especially, when it concerns the choice of their doctor. Answering to your patient inquiries through phone or e-mail is a must noways.

Moreover, many people are using different ways of communication, which can be even faster, for example, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line or a Live Chat. Learn more about the future of patient communication. 

#7 Do you collect reviews?

Once we are about to buy a new product or book a hotel, we always check the reviews first. Most of the people are curious about the past experience of different people in order to avoid a wrong choice.

Therefore, you should really care about the review collection through different platforms. You can collect your reviews through GCR.org, Facebook, Google or other trustworthy portals.

Moreover, it is not just about collecting the feedback. You should also read it regularly and be active in solving any issues, which have happened in your clinic in the past.

#8 Has your clinic been recognized?

If you’ve received any special price or have been certified or accredited by a recognizable organization, you should definitely communicate it actively. Indeed, a great way of showcasing that your practice operates within international standards is to get accredited. This is a really important step when you want to attract more international patients.

Read 6 ideas to promote the GCR™ International Accreditation

#9 Boost your media presence

If some special event is happening or has happened in your clinic, you should definitely notify the press. Moreover, you can agree on cooperating with some specialized magazine (Lifestyle, Health, etc.). Always keep in mind which group you would like to target. Is your target group patients within your country? What kind of media do they follow?

And one more extra tip for you.

#10 Is quality your Top priority?

We can provide you with even more marketing techniques or strategies on how to attract even more patients. However, the quality of the work you do should be really your priority. People all around the world are connected through social media and they regularly check the reviews of services or products they want to buy.

This means, that even if you do great marketing and get many new patients, as long as you’re not providing great quality of services/treatments, your patients will share this information really fast. If you want to learn more about how to enhance the quality of services you provide, please let us know at contact@gcr.org

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