5 Best Clinical Practices of 2017

GCR.org is growing very fast and the amount of countries visited by the GCR team is skyrocketing as well. In 2017, our team was very busy visiting GCR Internationally accredited clinics all around the world. We attend as well different international events, which recognized GCR.org as the highly innovative platform.

In 2017, GCR team have traveled to 18 countries around Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. During our journeys, we have accredited 40 top clinics worldwide and we would like to share 5 Best Clinical Practices of 2017 from we have experienced.

Motion-activated camera


This is very useful practices from Lebanon. Some of the clinics are using motion-activated camera which monitors every room in the clinic. Thanks to the camera, you can protect both, your medical team members and patients. Moreover, clinics in Lebanon have an excellent focus on transparency – you can find there visible sterilization and surgery rooms.


The United Arab Emirates

Do you want to be more transparent with your patients and to achieve patient-first approach? Then try to display your Vision/Mission Statement/Value statement on the premises of your clinic.

Another important observation was that the clinics in the UAE have separate waiting rooms for male and female. So if you want to attract patients from the Arab World do not forget to do it in the same way.


Another practical tool you can use in your clinic are chatbots, which are basically automated agents in mobile messaging apps. The messaging apps are the favorite ones nowadays.

The reason is really simple. In 2017, we could experience a continuation in the rise of messaging applications (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) across the internet. 

It is much easier and effective to interact with users directly inside of those messaging apps than asking them to exit and open another standalone app.


Another helpful piece of advance can be the ones from Estonia. Many clinics with different specialties are located under one roof. Thanks to this cooperation they can share the basic costs for common activities, marketing, and PR. On the other hand, the higher number of patients can attract more providers of additional services as pharmacy & coffee/snack bar.


Some private clinics in Italy are really great in terms of services for international patients and have even a separate department for them. These clinics can help their international patients in many ways,  starting from booking the flying tickets and arranging shopping in Italy, and of course, providing high-quality medical services or having English/French/Italian speaking doctors.

Another important point to mention is that some clinics in Italy are focused on 100% digitally supported surgery to minimize risks, complications, and errors and to make a more comfortable patient experience.

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