Survey: 31.3% average growth of GCR accredited clinics in 2016

GCR Survey: Last year, many clinics has become a part of GCR Internationally Accredited Clinics and started to use many of our tools for increasing their reputation as well as quality of their treatments and equipment. GCR was curious how it influenced their revenues, patient bookings and also reviews that they receive from them. Putting the data together, we found out, that total average growth in all of these sections equals 31.3% and we would like to give you more insights on this statistics in this blog.

We proudly present you results of our survey where we asked clinics how much have their key statistics changed within one year since receiving the GCR International Accreditation:

Number of surveyed clinics: 86

Worldwide clinic GCR Score average 2016: 1.88 (+0.08 from 2015)

GCR Accredited Clinic GCR Score average 2016: 3.85 (+0.60 from 2015)

The increase reputation impact of GCR international accreditation for these clinics resulted in:

Country: Sample of countries monitored for our GCR Accreditation 2016 survey.
New Patient Reviews: Clinics get more online patient reviews through using the GCR patient feedback tool in clinic, via
email / SMS and on their website. New patient reviews are also influenced by increased patient satisfaction and increased
patient numbers.
New Patient Leads: Through the increased trust gained by being “internationally accredited”, the promotion of its GCR
Score and implementation of “best practices” clinics usually gain an increase in new patient leads.
New Patients Booked: When 2 clinics of similar cost are compared, patients will book with the clinic that has a higher GCR
Score, and has been GCR Accredited.
Total Clinic Revenue: Clinic reputation usually has the highest influence on overall clinic revenue, either through higher
treatment costs or higher patient numbers. However, it can of course be negatively influenced by the political or economic
situation of the country.
Total Average: The overall increase in patient reviews, leads, bookings, clinic revenue and clinic reputation that can be
expected to be achieved through GCR Accreditation.

Some clinics have seen their overall GCR Score drop in 2016. This is due to the criteria of the GCR becoming stronger
through the addition of more clinics and data. Regular updates and investments into the clinic level of expertise,
facilities, services and patient feedback need to be made for the GCR Score to remain the same or increase over time.

DOWNLOAD and read whole Survey summary statistics here: GCR_Reputation_statistics

What influence can have GCR accreditation for your clinic? 

We are trying to give your further insights on how does GCR accreditation affect your business, and we have created ROI calculator. See how your revenues can grow with the GCR Accreditation here:

In case that you want to become a part of GCR Internationally Accredited Clinics, just feel free to contact us anytime.

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