3 ways how to keep your staff Happy, Motivated and Productive

A happy and well-motivated staff will not only give better, more complete care to your patients, but they will also be more productive and get more patients through the door. Increasing your staff’s motivation and productivity results in a more effective and successful clinic, one that your patients are happy to visit and recommend to friends and family.

Here are a few tips in order to keep your clinic staff motivated and productive:

1 – It’s Not All About Money

Whenever the topic of staff motivation and productivity is brought up, thoughts immediately turn to cash bonuses and monetary incentives. However money isn’t always the most motivating factor and every member of your team will be different.

Dan Pink, author of “The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” found through his research that money is only a good motivator for simple and repetitive tasks that don’t require much creativity. In fact he even goes on to suggest that in some cases where conceptual creative thinking is required, monetary rewards can have a counter intuitive effect. [Video link]

This isn’t to say that money isn’t important, it is after all why you and your staff work. Pink claims that the best strategy with regards to money and staff is to pay them enough to make money no longer an issue; freeing up their mind to focus on their work.

2 – Help Your Staff Develop

Not matter how experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable your staff are there will always be a desire present to progress and improve. Creating development plans for each of your staff will help them to achieve this with a focus on their own unique and individual goals.

Setting aside time to address their own individual goals and career paths and then arrange regular training sessions, either within your clinic or externally depending on their needs. Regular one-to-one meetings will help you both to come up with a plan for their own individual development and how you and the clinic can support them.

The more staff feel supported and nurtured, the more they will go above and beyond for you and your business.

3 – Be a Fair Boss

It’s hard not to play favorites, especially if one particular staff member is bringing in loads of clients while the other is just bringing in a lot of headaches. There are likely to be members of your team you get along with better than others, just so long as you don’t give them any preferential treatment.

In order to create a positive team culture, everyone needs to be the same level playing field. Treat each member of staff as equals when it comes to acknowledgement, support and reprimands.

Finally, make sure to commit time and effort to team building. Whether you engage teamwork building in your clinic staff meetings or simply take the team out for meals or fun activities, a more cohesive team will make for a happier and more productive clinic.

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